July 2020 - Amber from TGIF (Third Grade is Fun)

3 Steps to Prepare for the Unknown Back to School Year

ClientmojiSchool is starting in a few weeks and I still don’t have a clue what school will look like this year. In my small school we only have one teacher per grade level. We are also offering both online remote school and in person school with the same hours as last year. What does that mean for me? At times it means I want to go cry in a corner because it now means I will be doing two jobs instead of one. But instead I’m trying to reflect on how I can tackle BOTH. Here are some suggestions that I hope will help you too.

  1. Make a list of videos for the first few weeks that you can use for both online and in classroom teaching. Thankfully our school is using the same curriculum as it did last year so I’m somewhat familiar with what I will be teaching. So I’m trying to tackle one subject at a time for a few weeks. I’m tackling math first. Since I know I will be teaching some place value in addition and subtraction strategies, I’m going onto the Internet and trying to find as many videos that are already made by some amazing teachers that will line up with the lessons that I will teach. I’m listing them by subject or by lesson and adding them to a simple document so I can copy and paste when I need them. This is going to be a huge help for me the first few weeks because I will have some already previewed videos that I can push out online and in my classroom because since we’re having to do both I’m going to need those breaks from teaching in my classroom, and hey this will also help me in future years too.
You can grab all the video and activities links for free below. 

2.  Print outs online programs that match your book curriculum. For example at our school we use IXL as an online supplemental math program and we use Go Math as our classroom math curriculum.  IXL has made a document that matches the online activities they have with out math program so I can find that information faster for when I want to assign IXL in the classroom or online to my remote learners.

3.  Meal prep like a mad woman! I actually do this every year but I try to make as many freezer meals as I possibly can for those first few hectic weeks of school. I also give myself a little bit of grace and buy some of those frozen banquet family meals and a rotisserie chicken or two with premade rice. We will all live even if we’re not eating that healthy for a little while. Actually made three videos a year or two ago titled “I hate cooking“.

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