December 2016 - Amber from TGIF (Third Grade is Fun)

Do you use Bean Bags in the Classroom? Must read!

Replacing all those little styrofoam balls in bean bags is major $$$! My bean bags were getting flat and so I went to Staples to purchase a bag of packing peanuts to fill them up.  I promptly walked away.  Ummmm, no thank you!  It was over $20 for one bag!  I could have purchased new bean bags for that price!!!!

One of my coworkers came up with the idea of using plastic shopping bags! I just save up lots of my plastic bags after grocery shopping and bring them to school.  Ask parents for them too as I am sure many of them would LOVE to get rid of some of those plastic bags and feel like they went to great use.  It's free and it makes the bean bags so cushiony without the noise.  I just zip the bean bags open and add my piles of plastic bags.  Easy peasy!  My students sure appreciate the extra padding, and I appreciate the savings in my pocket!

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