January 2019 - Amber from TGIF (Third Grade is Fun)

A New Year in the Classroom - Hello January!

I am heading back into the classroom tomorrow for the second half of our school year!  Am I dreading putting on make-up and wearing real clothes?  Absolutely!  I LOVE my Christmas break and spending time with my family, playing games, and getting to have some me time.  However, I am excited to see my students and hear about their time off.  I love that they are as tired in the morning as I am because, hey, we enjoyed sleeping in a bit.  I love that some of them want to share a story with me.  I love that some of them are excited to see me and get some "normalcy" back (and some of them might hug me - yay!)
So, what are we going to do tomorrow?  Well.....we are going to start our morning off easy with a word search!  I don't do these very often, so this is going to be a nice change of pace.  I found this little snowman word search for free here!

After that, we are going to discuss what "resolutions" are.  I personally don't set the typical "I am going to lose __ pounds" resolutions, but I do think it is a great way to reflect and have a great growth mindset!

Since this is 2023/2024, I am going to use those digits to have the students reflect and make goals.  Wanda R. shared this idea in a teacher Facebook group and I decided to make it into a freebie!  Just sign up below to receive it free by e-mail!

We are also going to start this New Year 3-D craft.  It has a bit of math, some writing, goal setting of course, and loads of fun coloring pages.  Bonus:  All the years up to 2027 are already included!  Bam!  

See all that is included in the New Year 3-D Craft!

That's how I am going to start my day!  It isn't very fancy, but I think it will be a nice way to connect with my students, start the day off on a relaxed tone and set the tone for more growth in the new year ahead.
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