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Halloween Classroom Story Elements Stations

October is finally here and along with it comes a flurry of activities!  As teachers we need activities that the kids will be excited about and so will we!  Every year I start the year off with a lot of non-fiction and I transition to fiction in the month of October.  What a perfect month for fun, wacky fiction, and I kick it off with a story elements unit.  

Here are some of my stations.


1.  Listening Center - Let the group pick a fictional story to listen to and then record the problem, events, and solution.  You can pick this sheet up for FREE in the link below from my TpT store.  

<<<Story Elements FREEBIE from Amber from TGIF>>>

2.  Writing Center - This writing activity really helps students understand that the solution in a story must be tied to the problem.  Let your students write their own story about a problem they once faced and how they solved it.  Put each sheet on a clip board, add some colored pencils and put it all in a basket.  DONE!  This sheet is also free in my TpT store with the link just above.

3.  Story Elements Sort & Match - There is so much you can do with these cards!  There are 24 sorting cards with the categories of character, setting, problem & solution.  First, I have my group sort them.  (Put all the character cards together, the problem cards together...)  Then they must then match the character, setting, problem and solution that would make a complete story.  I then challenge the group to complete it in 5 minutes or less and then a third time they must beat their previous time.  Then I have them mix the cards all up and turn them over so they are looking at the blank side.  Now they can play memory match.  (A match would be turning over two problem cards or turning over two setting cards.)  These cards are great to add to your permanent centers too.  

<<<The Story Elements Sort and Match is available in my TpT store too!>>>

4.  Reading Center - Now for the center that I leave up for the WHOLE month of October!  You can see from the pictures below, I just use what I have - I don't run out and buy anything.  I make a tent in my classroom and leave it up all month long.  (I am sure the janitor LoVeS me.  Hehe.)  This year I used PVC pipe my husband had and old sheets to create my tent.  In previous years I used my daughter's old pink princess tent and not one single student complained!  I did drape a sheet over it though.  In a basket, I add The Closet Creature story (available for free from Super Teacher Worksheets), story elements page, and comprehension questions on clipboards.  Then I add the MAGIC - FLASHLIGHTS!  The group climbs into the tent and reads the story out loud while tracking the words with their light.  I keep the tent and flashlights out all month and I add books like Black Lagoon, Goosebumps, and There's a Nightmare in My Closet.  My students love getting to read in the tent with flashlights.

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