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Read Across America Day

I'm excited about Read Across America Day, because it is a day to step away from the mundane and do something different with my class.

I plan on reading aloud to my students and having partner and individual reading time (kid's choice).  But since we will need to have different activities between our reading sessions, I will have my students write about their reading in a multitude of ways.

Read Across America pack
Click on the link to snag this along with other Read Across America printables. 
1.  Honor Dr. Seuss by making our "I Like to READ Here and There and Everywhere" displays. Depending on each student's level, they can write or draw in the spaces provided.  

 photo image.jpg1_zpstgqilxgx.jpg
Click on the Read Across America pack link above for these.
2.  Partner read Dr. Seuss books and then write some of our own zany stories using Read Across America lined papers included in the pack above.  For any reluctant writers (or a warm-up writer activity), I will use the list paper to have them write rhyming words Seuss Style.

 photo cc0b27def108b0d4214a033a0fc984ac_zpso7knczmi.jpg
Click on each **poster title on the left.

3.  Color these cute Dr. Seuss quotes posters from The Country Chic Cottage for an awesome display. I will also have the students add a post-it note tag to each quote to explain in their own words what each quote means.

**"Think left, think right"
**"Truer than true"
**"Born to Stand Out"

Read Across America Day is the first Monday in March.  Enjoy instilling your love of reading with your students.  After all, sharing our love of learning is the reason we became teachers.  

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