Teaching one of the harder multiplication facts - 7's

Teaching your students to multiply by 2 and 5 are easy, but when you make it up to the harder facts....well that's when you have to dig deep, put your muddin' boots on and get a little dirty.  

The 7's however are my FAVORITE and my students' favorite!  What!?!?!  


You have probably taught your students the break apart strategy.  Have them break those larger numbers up into the 5's that they know.  

Relate all the 7's facts to the calendar and of course talk about how multiplication is repeated addition.  

Now, for my favorite part....skip counting by 7's!  You will still be singing this when you are making supper, BUT your students will KNOW their 7's facts!

Rockin' the Standards - Memorize the 7's

Have fun teaching the 7's facts!

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